My car sent me an email

I got an email from my car yesterday.

I’ve never received an email from a car before. So, it was my first time.

I was sort of expecting it. But when it came, I guess I still wasn’t prepared for it.

What did the car want?

It wanted to tell me to put air in a tire.

No, really.

You see, I got a new car recently. And it came with OnStar.

Now, OnStar was not a selling factor for me. I didn’t expect to get a car with OnStar. Didn’t know for sure I was getting a GM car. Ford would’ve been fine. But, I found what I wanted … and in the right price range … in an Impala.

So, we got a car. And it came with OnStar. I thought it only came on a Cadillac or something. But, no, it comes with the Impala.
Well, the OnStar thing is all set up and all. And one of their features is they’ll send a monthly maintenance report on the car.

Email from the carWell, the first monthly maintenance report came yesterday, Tuesday, 2-1/2 days after we got the car.

And, it told me the tire pressure in the left front tire was a little low.

It’s supposed to be 30 PSI. It was 26.

So, the car emailed me and told me about it.

I stopped by a BP station last night after supper, and put air in the tire.

Air used to be free. But hasn’t been for a while.

The BP on Macon Road wanted 75 cents.

So, I got out, took the caps off the valves, put three quarters in the machine, then ran around, putting air in the tires, trying to read the gauge when there’s no good lighting.

So, I wasn’t sure what the air pressure was when I was done, just that, according to the gauge at the BP … which only works when you’re burning seconds off your 75-cent allotment … the tires are now pretty much even.

And, it seems that 75 cents is too high a price for some people.

No one was near the air pump when we pulled in.

After I put my money in, cars started lining up to try to get my leftover seconds.

Yes, I took my own sweet time about putting the caps back on the tire valves. And adjusting my seat belt. And mirror. And looking both ways. Twice.

Anyway, now I get emails from my car.

Oh, and this means that now the Wife and the car both give me tasks to do.

Ain’t technocracy great!


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